Our strong reputation as a dynamic company with an emphasis on quality products and distinguished services has driven PT Baria Bulk Terminal to become one of the leading players in the industry.

There are five fundamental principles that has directed the corporate governance of BBT:


1. Quality Sourcing

We regard quality as one crucial component. To maintain our quality standards, we manage and oversee a complete supply chain – effectively from sourcing, import, production, warehousing, to distribution. By monitoring from the start to end-user delivery, we ensure that only high quality products are distributed to our customers.


2. Meeting Expectations

Our approach is to create and deliver values for our customers, because we consider our customers’ satisfaction as our success.  With customers coming from different industries, we constantly learn and accommodate to their expectations.


3. Safety First

We understand the importance of safety in the handling of petroleum products and aim for zero accidents around our terminal activities as well as during product delivery. Our employees have gone through routine trainings to equip them with the necessary skill set for safety practice and risk mitigation.


4. Long-term Commitment

We perceive our employees, principals and customers as valuable partners that we hope to thrive together with. Our relationships are built upon trust and arrangements are made upon fair compromise. With BBT, all transactions are based on a win-win formula.


5. Supporting National Development

BBT commits to supporting Indonesia’s nation-wide development by increasing logistics efficiency and fulfilling product specifications. Contributing to the society is a way of showing our appreciation for the opportunity we have been given.

PT Baria Bulk Terminal (BBT) is established to be one of the most reliable independent bulk petroleum terminals in Indonesia.

Since our beginning in 2010, our commitment has always been to deliver high quality products with distinguished services. The company was built on decades of experiences in the oil and manufacturing industries. Through this background and extensive local knowledge, BBT is able to progress in the market over the years.

Capitalizing on its established distribution network, Baria Bulk Terminal has grown exponentially to become one of the leading oil and petroleum products distributors in Indonesia. Our terminal is located in Merak, Banten – a bustling hub for maritime transport, while our main office is located in Jakarta. In 2019, Baria Bulk Terminal expanded its operations to Surabaya, East Java with a depot in Gresik. Read more about our distribution network and expansion plan here.