BBT aims to provide our clients with end-to-end services relating to petroleum products, through complete and convenient facilities in our main terminal. From imports, production, to distribution, we offer flexibility for your needs.


One of the most important facilities in a terminal, our fuel oil blending plant allows for homogeneous blending of components.

Government regulations require diesel fuel to be blended with certain percentage of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters), producing biodiesel, before being distributed to the market. BBT storage tanks are equipped with modern in-line mixer to homogeneously blend these two components together. This adaptive facility enables BBT to promptly react to changing government regulations over the years, blending the requirement according to market needs.


BBT offers blending services according to the desired formulation. With an annual capacity of 80,000 MT, we are able to cater to small and large quantities.

Since it is advisable and feasible to import and distribute petroleum products to local industrial customers, BBT is leading the way through a fast growth in petroleum business by expanding its established network for bulk oil distribution and nurturing its long standing reputation for excellent reliability and customer service.


Our asphalt filling plant is used for the production of asphalt bags and drums. Having this facility on site allows us to readily manufacture required products, which means better inventory control in terms of availability and newness of stock.

The plant is designed as a semi-automated system – computerized methods are used for phases requiring accuracy like product quantity, but manual checks are implemented for detailed phases such as sealing of drums and bags. Located adjacent to our sizeable warehouse, transport of goods are minimal for maximum efficiency.


This blending plant is used especially for the production of high performance Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) and asphalt emulsions.

BBT is working closely with experienced asphalt companies to develop the ideal PMA formulation. PMA gives the benefit of improved rutting resistance, less cracking and longer durability, all of which translate to extending service life.


Complementing our warehouse facilities, PLB (or bonded warehouse) allows for smooth and uncomplicated import/export activities.

As an integrated terminal, BBT strives to provide ease and efficiency to all our clients. With PLB facility in place, our bonded warehouse is allowed to serve as a transit point before further distribution, whether inbound or going out of Indonesia.

The government introduced this policy in 2015 in an attempt to escalate the national economic environment through increased efficiency in regards to raw materials availability, better flow of materials and logistics across Indonesia. For businesses, a few advantages of PLB include reduced dwelling time, customs fees and taxes delay/partial payment scheme.