HSD Fuel

BBT imports bulk diesel fuel first-handĀ from international oil companies, refineries and major oil producers, providing customers with consistent high purity products while delivering high value.

Good products come from good origins. Our strategic partnerships with international oil companies, refineries and major oil producers allow BBT to ensure quality products from the very beginning of the pipeline. Every batch is quality tested before further processing into Biodiesel, which uses in-line blending to reach a homogeneous blend of B30, fulfilling the regulation by the Indonesian government.

BBT Terminal currently have 8 units of dedicated HSD tanks, volume ranging between 1,500KL - 5,000KL, with a total of 36,000 KL. Construction is underway for expansion of the Terminal.


In the distribution sector, BBT has its own fleet of tank trucks which are operated across Java island. In-land delivery is executed to a broad range of customers, including commercial operators, contractors, factories, hotels, hospitals and shipyards. Meanwhile, vessel tankers are used for delivery to other Indonesian islands.


Our broad overview of supply chain management includes:

  • Sourcing and importing of High Speed Diesel and Fuel Oil
  • Shipping fuels to BBT Depots around Indonesia
  • Storing and blending Fuel Oil to the particular specifications
  • Delivering fuel to customers using our own fleet of trucks and barges