BBT sources only quality asphalt internationally for distribution in the local market. BBT high-grade asphalt meets national industry specifications and are widely used for national infrastructure development through to private projects. Our strength is a complete supply chain solution in full ownership and management. Catering to market needs, we offer our high-grade asphalt in various packaging, namely bulk, drums and bags, in which each has its own advantages and practicality to consider.


Asphalt in bulk remains one of BBT core businesses. Scalable projects such as national infrastructure and big private projects will usually opt for bulk delivery of asphalt to their AMP (Asphalt Mixing Plant) for further processing. Some of its advantages include:

  • Direct Delivery
    Can be delivered promptly, as no lead time is needed for bulk delivery.
  • Fast Discharge and Production Input
    Discharging from truck can be completed within a few hours, saving time for production preparation and input efficiency.
  • Large Quantity Storage
    Bulk is the most efficient delivery mode for large quantity orders.


Asphalt in drums remains as the top choice for inter-island delivery around Indonesia. Our packaging comes in 200kg drums for more efficient handling, with advantages as follows:

  • Safer Transport
    BBT drum packaging has thicker, enforced shell to ensure no leakage during long-haul transport.
  • Neat Arrangement
    Drums allow for neater arrangement in storage due to its solid packaging, contributing to faster stock counts.
  • Long-term Storage
    Drums can be stored for months, even years, with no compromise on its packaging, allowing for long-term storage where necessary.
  • Efficient energy consumption
    Asphalt drums require no heating while in storage, lowering energy consumption thus saving significant operational costs.


The revolutionary asphalt bag packaging tackles the fundamental issues, such as:

  • Easy handling and storage
    Each bag weighs 50kg, making it easier to handle for transport purposes in small or less developed terrains. The bag packaging allows for stacking and neat storage, both indoor and outdoor.
  • No wastage
    The eco-friendly Ezpeel bag is specially developed so that the asphalt content leaves no residue in the bag for a clean and waste-free output.
  • Efficient energy consumption
    Asphalt bags require no heating while in storage, lowering energy consumption thus saving significant operational costs.
  • Lower total cost
    Asphalt bags are considerably cheaper as compared to the traditional drum packaging.


BBT is constantly researching and formulating a better composition for the production of high performance Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) and asphalt emulsions.