The Terminal

PT. Baria Bulk Terminal (BBT) is established to be the most reliable independent bulk petroleum terminal in Indonesia.

The key elements in the distribution of oil products are optimization of marine imports, as well as onward truck and barge distribution. BBT Terminal provides easy access for both purposes due to its excellent location. Located approximately 130 km from Jakarta, or 2-hour driving time, BBT Terminal is strategically situated in one of the key ports in Indonesia, the Port of Merak. The Merak area has modern infrastructures in place and a direct access to Jakarta-Merak toll road. The terminal stretches over 9 Ha of land, nestled between surrounding hills overlooking the Indian Ocean and Java Sea. Geographically, its prime location serves as a vital hub linking Sumatera and Java, and allows for efficient access of incoming shipment from abroad.

Indonesia, as the largest economy in Southeast Asia and as one of the world's emerging markets, requires strong and robust infrastructures to support its economic growth.

The BBT Terminal is specifically designed to handle storage and distribution of bulk oil products and provides efficient end-to-end logistic services in Indonesia. There are dedicated storage tanks for each of the products, ensuring clean transfers and avoiding cross contamination. Total storage capacity is currently at 65,000 Metric Tonnes, categorized as below:


  1.  High Speed Diesel/ Fuel Oil Tanks
  • Total Units                  : 8 units
  • Capacity Range         : 1,500 – 5,000 KL
  • Total Capacity            : 36,000 KL


  1.  Asphalt Tanks
  • Total Units                  : 8 units
  • Capacity Range         : 100 – 2,700 KL
  • Total Capacity            : 9,600 KL


  1.  Process Oil Tanks
  • Total Units                  : 6 units
  • Capacity Range         : 1,500 KL
  • Total Capacity            : 9,000 KL
  1.  Base Oil Tanks
  • Total Units                  : 17 units
  • Capacity Range         : 300 – 800 KL
  • Total Capacity            : 8,400 KL


  1.  FAME Tank
  • Total Units                  : 1 units
  • Capacity Range         : 1,000 KL
  • Total Capacity            : 1,000 KL


  1.  Water Hydrant Tanks
  • Total Units                  : 2 units
  • Capacity Range         : 500 KL
  • Total Capacity            : 1,000 KL